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Ponderosa Pines (P. Ponderosa scopulorum) have been deemed the "King of American Bonsai" by some. They are twisted and gnarly, with thick bark and great dead wood. Some artists graft shorter needles to the smaller trunks, though you can successfully gain short needles through time and proper technique. You can also simply use a larger tree! No matter the needle length, it's hard to find a native American tree with more character than an ancient collected Ponderosa Pine.

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Please inquire for prices and shipping quotes: or 307-359-2063


Awesome bunjin potential! This tree has it all: elegance, movement, ancient deadwood and great bark.


On Hold

Plenty of character in this very old tree! A bit of an odd long root going into the soil, but with a bit of artistry that won't take anything away from the great movement and age this tree offers.


Great all around bonsai potential here! This tree features taper, movement, bark and a nice shallow root pad.


We had this tree available two years ago, but it was bit hard by the hard cold snap (Polar Vortex) in late 2014, and all of the needles were yellow. We pulled it off the site then and waited. The little tree is back with a vengeance and in full health now!


Available again!

This ponderosa will make a very cool semi-cascade. Great bark, deadwood and movement!

Collected 5/14

Available Now
This is an awesome ponderosa! Full of character any way you look at it. (The tree and box are rather long so keep in mind that shipping will not be cheap.)

(This tree was re-potted/boxed in 2017, and is now in a box about half the size of the box pictured. Will update with new pic's as soon as possible.)