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Limber Pine

Limber Pines (p. flexilis) are some of the most durable trees in our neck of the woods. They can be found growing and thriving high on a mountain where there are almost no other trees surviving. Limber's feature short blue-green needles, attractive flaky grey bark, and weathered deadwood. These trees are a high mountain pine, so they will not survive too far south.

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Great potential here! Movement, deadwood, flaky bark and short needles = everything you want in a great medium sized limber pine.



This great limber pine will make a very nice literati. Wonderful old bark, deadwood and smooth taper give this tree some awesome character. (This one was nearly dead when we collected it! You could say we saved this ones life, because we don't think it would have survived more than another year or two the way it was looking. It sure is growing strong now though!! Look at last years needles in the picture below!)

Collected: 5/13