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Where Passion meets Quality & Respect

Backcountry Bonsai began with two friends who share a love of the great outdoors, and a passion for wild bonsai material. Dan Wiederrecht and Steve Varland have spent much of their lives playing and working in the Rocky Mountains. Combining their outdoor experience with the love of bonsai, they and their dogs (Moose and Charlie), scour the mountains in search of stunted trees with incredible bonsai potential.

Bonsai is an art form that encourages a deep connection with nature. The very first bonsai were wild trees from the mountains, collected to be grown and cared for by those who sought to be closer to nature.

Backcountry Bonsai's purpose is not simply to dig up trees for sale. Their passion lies in the hunt for outstanding trees, and the continued development of those trees into truly unique works of living art by the hands of artisans.

Dan and Steve have a deep rooted respect for Nature, and the authorities and land owners who steward the land they collect from; many of whom are their friends. They work closely with these individuals to make sure that they collect legally, ethically and respectfully. Maintaining a "leave no trace" style of collecting, Backcountry Bonsai prides itself in leaving every site looking untouched by the hands of men. 

This website, and the attached blog, is Backcountry's connection from the mountains to you. Here you will find trees for sale, and stories from the wild.